Renewable Energy Comes to Carl Sandburg College
200 pounds of Pennycress seeds have been planted by Carl Sandburg College.

The hope is once the plant is harvested it will then be used for bio-diesel or other renewable energy.

Bio-fuels coordinator and instructor at Carl Sandburg Chuck Young tells WGIL this puts the college on the right path to get into the bio-diesel field.

'Step one is just an opportunity that we'll be looking at all types of feed stock for renewable energy and it's one of the options. There's really no silver bullet for renewable fuels it's kinda like a silver buckshot. Pennycress will be one of those feed stocks that would be a potential bio-fuel."

Young says this is just the beginning of Bio-fuels for the college.

Starting next year the college will off a bio-fuels program.

The Pennycress seed can be used as renewable jet fuel as well.
10 01 12 by Newsroom
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