State Senator Candidate Talks Term Limits
Randy Freese says the longer you're in a political office, the more likely you're going to be a part of a culture of corruption.

That's why the Adams County Clerk -- running for State Senator John Sullivan's 47th District Senate seat is advocating for term limits for members of the Illinois General Assembly, something that has been advocated for in the past at the federal level as well.

But, couldn't Frese be considered a career politician, since he's been in political office for years? Frese tells WGIL no, he's not.

"We look at the House of Representatives in the state of Illinois with Mike Madigan having been in the seat of Speaker for just the past 30 years, since 1983. He served for 10 years before that. That is what I'm talking about along the career politicians. Someone who gets in and because of the power of their incumbency, power of their office. They utilize the funds that come there way from special interest groups and lobbyist from not necessarily in the district their serving. Most often it comes from outside their district."

Frese alleges that in addition to being a career politician, Sullivan is also aligned with Chicago politicians because he's assistant majority leader.

He says if elected, he'll serve no more than 10 years in office before giving it up.
10 01 12 by Newsroom
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