Nursing Home Employees Not Wasting Time
Around 30 nursing home employees picketed outside the County Annex in Galesburg last night to request contracts.

The AFSCME union has picketed at least three nights this week marching on sidewalks, holding signs, and getting cars to honk.

The union and Knox County have contract negotiations scheduled for November 21st, but those participating said they want their frustrations noticed.

Nursing Home employee Deb Trigger tells WGIL the AFSCME union is standing strong.

"Nothing has been changed yet, we still want the contract, we want it now, and we want them to know we want it now and hopefully this will change things come negotiations on the 21st," said Trigger.

Union members claim the County has shifted nearly 935-thousand dollars onto their books which may not allow the home to survive.

County Finance committee members deny those claims saying that those expenses have always been on the nursing home's budget.

Nursing Home employee Lawrence Taylor tells WGIL the public wants the nursing home to stick around.

"We've been negotiating for over a year to get a contract and they keep taking things away from us," says Taylor. "We see this 935-thousand going on the budget, they said it's always been there, but why are they voting on it?"

A federal mediator will be used when the negotiations continue.

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