Hostess/Wonderbread Closing in Galesburg
The announcement came this morning that Hostess Brand is going out of business.

The closing means the loss of about 18,500 jobs across the U.S. with the Hostess/Wonderbread location in Galesburg a part of those layoffs.

Employees and managers at the Galesburg location were prevented from commenting by their corporate offices.

According to witnesses, the parking lot at the Galesburg location is packed with consumers attempting to stock up on their favorite Hostess product.

The original Hostess location on Grand Avenue in Galesburg caught fire in August of this year - which prompted them to move to a new location down the street.

Current Hostess Landlord and local businessman Pete Logan tells WGIL that according to the supervisors, they've already told several employees its their last day.

"I just stopped at the bread store and the parking lot is packed, they're selling everything in the bread store half off - there's people carrying carts and carts of stuff," says Logan. "It's the strangest thing I've ever seen."

Approximately 15 people are employed by the Hostess location in Galesburg. Logan tells WGIL he hasn't had time to consider a new tenant.

"The building is finished for all practical purpose, I suppose I'll start looking for a new tenant once they tell me they're leaving," says Logan.

Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn has been on record saying the company hopes to find buyers for it's 30 brand roster.

No word on when an eventual closure of the Galesburg location might commence.
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