Sheley Attorney Talks About Cameras in Courtroom
The Galesburg attorney who's representing accused spree killer Nicholas Sheley still has his doubts about allowing broadcast and print journalists to use all the tools of their trades while covering trials.

Jeremy Karlin filed a motion at the start objecting to TV cameras and microphones being allowed in the Whiteside County courtroom where the accused spree killer was ultimately convicted of the death of 93-year old Russell Reed of Sterling -- around a year after Sheley was convicted and sent to prison for life for the death of 65-year old Ronald Randall of Galesburg.

Karlin tells the WGIL Evening News while he admits the process went well, it doesn't do his client much good.

"It raises concerns. This particular circumstance because Mr. Sheley has another trial in Whiteside County that with tougher facts and you know it raises the concern about whether or not there can be a trial in Whiteside County again."

Karlin says he and most of the attorneys would probably tell you that the second Whiteside County trial -- for the four remaining deaths Sheley is accused of committing there in late-June of 2008 -- won't be held there.

Nevertheless, Karlin says he doesn't believe any witnesses were playing toward the camera.

Whiteside County State's Attorney Gary Spencer says he's changed his mind on the whole process given how well it went.
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