Understanding Local Politics
Members form the Young Professionals of Galesburg and the Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce came out last night to hear a panel discussion on how local politics make a difference.

The panel consisted of Seventh Ward Alderman Jeremy Karlin, Galesburg School Board President Natalie Kessler and C-S-C Board of Trustees Secretary William Robinson.

District 205 School Board President Natalie Kessler explained to the crowd if people want to see change in a community the best way to make it happen is not by talking about it and wishing someone would do something about it but by becoming the person who can make that change.

"When you want to talk about having control over something or saying I wish my community was like this or like that, the local elections and local representation is really able to influence what happens in a more day to day basis." says Kessler.

The panel also discussed why running for local office doesn't always attract a lot of candidates and in many cases those already in office tend to run opposed.

All three panel members agreed people have a fear of putting themselves out there for public scrutiny as well as not understanding the amount of work that goes into job.

Kessler says however, once you get started you quickly realize, yes the work is hard, the hours are long and you will get calls or e-mails that might not be so friendly, but when all's said and done it's not as bad has you've made it out to be in your head.
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