Catapult to Send Old Pumpkins Soaring, Crashing
MUNDELEIN, Ill. (AP) -- A powerful catapult made by high school physics students will send pumpkins hurtling through the air this weekend in a much-beloved post-Halloween tradition in northern Illinois.

Known as the Pumpkin Drop, the event takes place Sunday at a park in Mundelein.

A contraption dubbed Big Red will fire the rotting orange orbs a whopping 300 feet and send them crashing down into a mess of shattered jack-o'-lanterns.

The (Waukegan) News-Sun reports that the remains are scooped up and turned into compost for a community garden.

Park official Scott Anthony tells the newspaper it's a chance for people to "get rid of their pumpkins in a fun way."

The special catapult was fashioned together by students at Mundelein High School.
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