AG Sues Over Petroleum Coke Pollution In Chicago
CHICAGO (AP) -- Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing a Chicago company for alleged air pollution violations involving piles of petroleum coke and coal.

Madigan filed the lawsuit Monday against KCBX Terminals Co., which stores petroleum coke, or "petcoke" in huge piles along the Calumet River on the city's southeast side. Petcoke is a byproduct of oil refining, and can be burned as an industrial fuel.

Residents in the area complain that black dust from the piles coats their homes and cars, and worry that it will cause respiratory and other health problems.

Madigan says the piles have been growing without adequate safeguards.

The petcoke comes from the nearby BP refinery in Whiting, Ind., and eventually is shipped to end users.

A KCBX spokeswoman did not immediately respond to phone and email messages.
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