Preventing Winter Fires
The Galesburg Fire Department is asking residents to "put a freeze on winter fires."

In December 2011 Galesburg had five structure fires with three of those fires starting in the kitchen.

This year the GFD would like to see that number at zero during the month.

Fire Marshall Dan Foley tells WGIL it's not just fires people need to worry about but Kitchen injuries can be more prevalent this time of year.

"We get burns also with kids being to close especially small kids will look up and see a handle on a pot and think it's something they can grab, they don't know what it is. Especially young kids are more susceptible to burns and burns are more severe. You can have what would be a minor burn on an adult can be a severe hospital stay for a burn for a one year old."

Foley suggest always turning your pot handles inward so to prevent any small children from being able to grab at the hot pots on the stove.

Remember to stay in your kitchen when cooking and make sure your over and stove top are clean.

But if you have to walk away Foley suggest getting a kitchen time to remind you you have something cooking.
12 26 12 by Newsroom
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