County Board Votes Down Citizens United Opposition
The Knox County Board held their last regularly scheduled meeting of 2012 last night.

Among the usual committee items on the agenda was a resolution in opposition to the Supreme Court's 2010 "Citizens United" ruling.

Local activist Jerry Ryberg pushed the County to put the resolution on the ballot at last month's meeting.

As expected, the vote came down to a party-line split after some discussion on the matter.

County Board Chair Greg Bacon says he couldn't quite figure out what the resolution had to do with County business.

I think their vehicle is the wrong vehicle to get it to where it's going to go," says Bacon. "I think you as a voter, I think the voters of Knox County, carry more weight than a County Board passing a resolution that means nothing but a symbolic measure to oppose something."

The resolution failed 6-7 with Bacon voting against the measure.

Before the vote, Ryberg and company wanted to speak on the matter, but Bacon disallowed that from taking place.

The County's next meeting is January 30th.
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