Library Could See Budget Cuts
More than 5-thousand dollars in budget cuts could be recommended at tonight's Galesburg Library Board meeting.

The cuts stem from an error in the appropriations in the City's property tax levy - which showed the Library requesting 20-thousand dollars instead of the agreed upon 25,384 dollars.

The City initially inserted an estimated library budget request, but failed to change the amount once they received the library's budget.

Fourth Ward Alderman Corine Anderson motioned to amend the budget request, but the amendment failed.

Library Finance Committee Director Mike Kroll tells WGIL how the City Council voted Monday night is what the library might have to live with.

"It does impact us and will take money out of a number of different areas of our budget," says Kroll. "It will reduce the amount of time we have for part time use for people who do shelving and stuff like that. It will reduce the amount of money that goes into our building maintenance fund and going to reverse a minor increase we had in our new book budget to make up for this."

The library will be unable to make cuts until it's listed as an action item at their January meeting.

Kroll went on to say he understands the tough financial circumstances of the city.

According to City Manager Todd Thompson, the amendment will indeed be coming back for another vote at the next meeting.

Thompson tells WGIL there are a couple of options to remedy the situation.

"We'll have to get together and talk about it and see what our options are," says Thompson. "I haven't made any decision on how to move forward from here but we'll have to figure something out to make them whole."

If the amendment fails, Thompson said it's possible to add the funding in to the 2013 budget at a later time.
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