New Street Signs Cause Confusion
The fatal accident October 28-th that claimed the life of Knox College student Tundun Lawani prompted Knox College students to ask the City to come up with a safety plan for South Street where Lawani was struck.

That plan included adding Pedestrians Crossing sings along the road.

At the November 19-th Council meeting Alderman passed the South street Safety Plan 6-1.

The new signs have been placed along South Street near the Knox Campus in an effort to increase safety for those crossing South Street.

But the signs are now causing some confusion for motorist.

Pedestrian crossing signs are not stop sings--motorist don't have to stop when they come to a crosswalk with the pedestrian crossing sign posted if pedestrians are not present,

The only time a motorist must stop is when pedestrians are present.

If you see a pedestrian in the middle of the crosswalk or standing by the crosswalk getting ready to cross you must stop to let them cross.

In this case they have the right away and the driver must yield.

However, if you come upon a crosswalk with no one in the middle or starting to cross you may continue driving.

Placing the new signs was just the first step in improving safety in the area.

Down the road the safety plans calls for reducing speed limits and adding a center median.
12 06 12 by Newsroom
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