Committee Makes Decision on Fate of Abingdon Employee
FIRST REPORTED 7:06pm 12/6/12 The Abingdon City Council's Personnel Committee met Thursday night to decided on the dismissal of City Public Works employee Thomas Marshall.

Mayor Roger Stegall tells WGIL the situation has put the city in a tough position.

"I hate this. I don't like what's going on and nobody else does either."

Marshal worked for the city for 22 years and on November 27 pleaded guilty to a federal felony count of Receipt of Child Pornography, and will be sentenced in March.

Mayor Stegall wasn't the only one shocked to hear about Marshall. Resident Tim Presley tells WGIL you can see someone all the time and not really know them, but you never expect them to be involved in a situation like this.

"It's different, put it that way. I mean the guy worked for the cit. He was a good guy but I didn't know he would do something like this."

When asked if the city should change their hiring practices to try and avoid another situation like this Presley says they could but honestly there's always the possibility someone will slip through the cracks.

The Personnel Committee approved unanimously the dismissal of Marshal from his duties as a City Public Works employee.

Their recommendation will go to the full City Council who will make a final decision.

A decision could be made as soon as December 17.
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