Library Board Moves Forward With Selected Films
The Galesburg Public Library Board has approved moving forward with the interview process for three architectural firms and four construction management firms for their proposed new building project.

The board yesterday selected Engberg Anderson, OPM, and FEH as potential architectural firms and Estees, Carl A. Nelson, Russell, and River City as their possible Construction Management firms.

Members of the board and various committees will be interviewing each of the candidate firms going forward.

Building Committee Chair Mike Kroll tells WGIL they will meet for about two hours with each architectural firm.

"When we complete those we will take and repair a report in a ranking that we'll present to the entire library board and recommend hiring one of these four firms to be construction manager on our construction project."

Kroll has said each of the firms has positive traits, but they're not all equally positive.

The board of trustees also discussed a list of potential cuts to their budget after a clerical error subtracted 5,384 dollars from their budget request.

Money will come out of the temporary and part-time workers, electricity, the new book budget, and capital improvements funds.

The library is not expecting a replenishing of those funds. However, the library is looking at positive sums in their accounts for the 2012 fiscal year.
12 07 12 by Newsroom
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