$100 Winners with the WGIL Button

From those who entered to win on Tuesday (2/23), WGIL congratulates our latest winner of $100 with the WGIL Button:

ERIN DARLING of Galesburg!

There’s a fresh chance to win $100 each weekday with our WGIL Button location. Check out today’s featured business and enter to be in tomorrow’s random drawing for $100 by clicking here.


Winners previously announced:


     TUE 2/23     Marian Graves of Altona

     MON 2/22   Julie Hook of Galesburg

     FRI 2/19       Todd Mines of Galesburg

     THU 2/18     Kathy Ward of Galesburg

     WED 2/17     Mariah Valdez of Galesburg

     TUE 2/16      Mark Reisenbigler of Galesburg

     MON 2/15     Nadine Pogue of Galesburg

     FRI 2/12        Tammy Froelich of Abingdon

     THU 2/11      Jody Nash of Galesburg

     WED 2/10     Sue Carr of Galesburg

     TUE 2/09      Deidra Gilson of Galesburg

     MON 2/08    Haley Byerly of Galesburg

     FRI 2/05       Connie Cox of Galesburg

     THU 2/04     Lori Woodkirk of Galesburg

     WED 2/03    Samantha Kirk of Galesburg

     TUE 2/02      Karoll Smith of Knoxville

     MON 2/01     Cathy Ziegler of Rio

     FRI 1/29        Roberta Johnson of Galesburg

     THU 1/28      Meagan Johnson of Alexis

     WED 1/27      Phil Friel of Galesburg

     TUE 1/26       Jessica Huff of Galesburg

     MON 1/25     Ed Leeson of Galesburg

     FRI 1/22        Sarah Huxtable of Galesburg

     THU 1/21      Grace Kivisto of North Henderson

     WED 1/20     Amy Neal of Abingdon

     TUE 1/19       Lorie Larsen of Galesburg


A huge thank you to all of our WGIL Button locations for making the cash giveaways possible!