Galesburg Union and Community Members Rally to Protect Public Service Workers

PublicServiceUnionRallySeveral Galesburg union and community members gathered to rally on Main Street against budget cuts proposed by Governor Bruce Rauner.Rauner has been pushing to shut down state government to lower wages of public service workers.

Illinois Democratic Legislators have approved a budget that is estimated to be $3 Billion short of revenue, and Rauner says he won’t sign it.

Members of the Galesburg Education Association helped rally alongside union and community members in front of the Children and Family Services office. GEA President Dave Sharp tells WGIL that he thinks Rauner understands the unions don’t agree with his proposed cuts, and union workers understand cuts need to occur somewhere.

“I think The Governor understands that we’re not necessarily for the methods that he is choosing to get the state budget under control,” says Sharp. “It’s not that we don’t understand that we do need a good budget here in Illinois, we just don’t want it to be on the backs of those of us who are barely getting by.”

Rallies have popped up in communities all over the state over the past few days.

If Rauner and the lawmakers cannot agree on a state budget by June 30th, state employees will start missing paychecks by mid-July and services will be disrupted.

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