Moffitt Talks Budget As Legislators Debate into June

Don MoffittAn area legislator recently gave his thoughts on House members heading into the summer months dealing with state budget issues.

State Representative Don Moffitt says he believes the state is facing about $1 Billion more than what legislative Democrats have approved in their spending plan.

Currently that projected deficit is about $4 Billion according to the Gilson Republican. Governor Bruce Rauner has said he will not sign the budget as is.

Moffitt tells the WGIL Evening News that he agrees with Rauner, and says there are a few options from here on out.

“The only way to balance the budget is to cut and reduce appropriations, or increase revenue, or a combination of those two things,” says Moffitt. “The Governor has made it clear, that the only way he would consider any additional revenue would be with some reforms, such as workers compensation, such as property tax freezes, such as pension reform.”

Moffitt added that Republicans are firm on balancing the budget, and should be. Rauner recently commented that if lawmakers can’t agree on a budget before July 1st, state workers will start missing paychecks by July 15th, and state vendors won’t receive payments.

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