New Windows for Prairieland Townhouse Apartments Among Other Improvements for Knox County Housing Authority

12-30-14 Knox County Housing AuthorityThis morning the Knox County Housing Authority met to discuss future improvements for some of their housing locations.One of the bigger improvement projects includes replacing windows at Prairieland Townhouse Apartments.

Housing Authority Executive Director Derek Antoine informed commissioners the replacement of over 250 windows is needed because they are becoming outdated.

“We’re looking at 264 windows being replaced at Prairieland Townhouse Apartments, that represents a total window replacement at the property, which is long overdue, because the windows in place are significantly aged and replacement parts are becoming obsolete,” says Antoine. “We need to make that switch. Energy efficiency will play also as far as the replacement of the windows go.”

The board of commissioners accepted the bid from Brian Waldon Construction at roughly $99,000.

Commissioners also approved installation of signage for Moon Towers and the Central Office through a single bid from Galesburg Sign and Lighting at just under $18,000.

Toward the end of the meeting, Commissioner Tom Dunker was re-appointed to his position for another five year term.

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