Knox County 911 Tax Now In Effect

911 CellStarting today, a small percentage from purchases in Knox County will be used to help fund a new system for law enforcement.

A tax for public safety is now in effect. The decision for referendum was made by voters in the 2014 November elections, following rejection earlier that year.

Knox County Sheriff David Clague has said that the percentage of sales tax will be “minimal.” For every $100 spent within the county, a 25-cent tax increase will be applied.

Funding from the system will go toward replacing a 20-year old phone switch system, used to manage calls. The current switch is analog, and authorities are in the process of switching over to a new “next generation” digital system.

The tax will only partially fund the system, however. At a recent meeting of the Knox County Board, Clague explained that revenue from a 73-cent surcharge on cell phones, and $1.25 from land lines helps to finance the new system. Governor Bruce Rauner signed in a 911 funding bill just in time this past Monday. Clague mentioned that today would have been the sunset date.

Revenue from the county tax will begin with no issue today. The county plans to receive its first distribution of funds from the tax on October first of this year.

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