Regional Offices of Education Officially Merge Today

(Jodi Scott)
(Jodi Scott)

After months of preparations, the Regional Office of Education for Knox County will finally merge with the Mercer, Warren and Henderson County Regional Office, taking effect today.

Regional Superintendent Jodi Scott defeated retiring Regional Superintendent Bonnie Harris last November to bring the four counties together.

Scott tells WGIL that she looks forward to having the schools and staffs work together to consolidate the areas and bring programs together.

“We’re looking forward to working with the new schools, and all of the Knox County schools in collaboration with the current schools we currently serve,” says Scott. “We’re looking forward to working the staff in Knox County as well, and we’ve already met with many, if not all of the staff. We’ve also already met to talk about how we are going to consolidate everything together.”

Scott says she is very excited and has already met with several of the area district superintendents and teachers.

Scott says on August 5th they will be holding a superintendent and principals meeting, where the Secretary of Education will come in to talk about the new laws and requirements for schools.

Consolidations are taking place in 12 areas across the state as part of a state effort to reduce costs by decreasing the number of Regional offices.

Scott says the offices in Monmouth and Galesburg will remain available to Knox County residents.

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