Carl Sandburg College looks back at 50 years

Carl Sandburg College began with a voter referendum in 1966 that said the citizens of this area were interested in a community college.
Sandburg long has had systemic ties to state universities to transition CSC students easily in. 

President Dr. Lori Sundberg has made a focus of her tenure to create those same times with private colleges.

They now have partnerships with Knox, Monmouth, Culver-Stockton and St. Ambrose.

“Those are all very, very thoughtful and we’ve done them on purpose because we want students to be able to just move right in and not take one class too many and keep debt down,” Sundberg says

Dr. Sundberg says that looking back it seems like every CSC President has been the right person for the job at the right time.

She just happens to be at the helm at a time of contraction.

After recent drastic reductions in state aid CSC budgeted for $734,000 in state aid, an almost 61% reduction from the year before.

Tom Wilson, who played a key role in establishing Carl Sandburg College says he doesn’t know what the future holds for Galesburg but he does know “Carl Sandburg College will play a major part.”

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