New 205 school board, Galesburg council candidates emerge

More candidates continue to file for the 2017 municipal elections ahead of Monday’s deadline.

Three previously unknown candidates have turned in petitions for the District 205 School Board and one candidate vying for a place on the Galesburg City Council will challenge a longtime alderman. 

For Galesburg schools, first-time board hopefuls are residents Vickie Banks and Joshua Pierce. Longtime district administrator Maury Lyon will also run. He ran earlier this year as a write in candidate but was defeated. 

Three current board members have terms expiring. Both Josh Gibb and board president Bob Lindstrom have filed for re-election. Member Ellen Spittell has yet to announce whether she’ll try to defend her seat. 

A Galesburg council race has now developed, as well. Veterinary technician Chris King will challenge incumbent Wayne Allen to represent Ward 6. 

“Mr. Allen has done lot’s of great things for our city, he’s worked with the city for decades,” King says. “But I think, being younger, I have a different outlook on it. I think it’s time for people my age to start taking stake in the city.” 

King currently serves on the Galesburg Community Relations Commission and is a board member for Galesburg Community Chorus. 

King says her platform consists of wanting to improve economic development to help fill vacant buildings in town with businesses and moving the city from what she calls a “complaint driven” government system to a more “proactive” system.

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