Alderman candidate Chris King brings youth and diversity to 6th ward race

Chris King has been hearing the hopes and concerns Galesburg residents have, being involved in the Galesburg On Track initiative.She says the biggest concerns she’s heard are with schools and jobs.

King is a veterinary tech with Galesburg’s Animal Medical Center and has made adding diversity and youth to city government a focal point in her campaign.

She tells WGIL she threw herself into the race after deciding that it was important that people of her generation be involved in local leadership.

“I believe that the more people of my age that step up and we start taking stake of our community, the more likely we’ll have people of my age who are more willing and wanting to stay here,” King says. “That’s a huge issue we’re facing currently.”

King is also focused on taking care of dilapidated and vacant buildings.

She would encourage new businesses to set up shop in empty buildings before constructing fresh.

Vacant and dilapidated homes would also get a good look with King, as she would like to demolish more of these to put in green spaces.

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