Alderman reject gaming terminal license fee

Galesburg City Council enacted some fee adjustments along with a new fee for towing licenses but not one for gaming terminals.

7th Ward Alderman Jeremy Karlin made a motion to remove the part about charging an annual $250 fee for each gambling machine in the city.

By a 5-2 vote the amendment passed with only Peter Schwartzman and Russell Fleming of keeping the gaming fees.

There was little discussion last night but at a previous meeting Aldermen Angela Bastian and Karlin indicated that there were uncomfortable placing these fees on business owners.

Also the Council unanimously voted to apply for a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program or ITEP grant would be to reconstruct Simmons Street from Prairie to Seminary.

City Manager Todd Thompson says if Galesburg is accepted then the cost to the city would only $240,000 for a $1.2 million project.

“Scope may change a little bit, they have different categories and different amounts they pay for portions of it. At any rate, we won’t commit to over the $240,000.”

The Galesburg City Council last night approved the purchase of fiber and camera equipment for Park Plaza.

Administration says that the plan is to improve wi-fi capabilities for the area and add surveillance video.

City Manager Todd Thompson asked council to approve purchasing equipment now to save inevitable price increase next year.

“It’s something the downtown business community has been interested in for several years, so we’ve budgeted for it. As you know we’ll also be doing some improvements Park Plaza. Redesigning, reconstructing of that area, so the timing will be good to do this project also.”

The council approved with no objection.

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