Man claiming to be “Burger King” arrested after single vehicle crash

A single vehicle crash that occurred early Friday morning has resulted in one man being arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, and for Resisting Arrest.

Galesburg Police officers were called out to the 600 block of McClure Street for the incident at just after 12:45. There officers made contact with the alleged driver, 34-year-old Bradley S. Galloway.

According to reports, Galloway had slurred speech, claimed his name was “Burger King” and smelled of alcohol. Additionally, officers noted that Galloway’s eyes were bloodshot, and glassy. He was allegedly uncooperative with officers and medical personnel, and while being checked out by EMTs used multiple racial slurs.

Eyewitnesses told officers that Galloway had been drinking at Showgirls before the incident occurred. One of the witnesses reportedly tried to take his keys away from him, but he attempted to leave. He was reportedly driving erratically in the parking lot, almost striking a patron of Showgirls, and eventually ended up crashing into a rock bedded ditch.

Galloway was taken to the Public Safety Building initially, where he allegedly continued to be uncooperative with officers – refusing to stand on his own and requiring police to carry him.

Throughout the ordeal, he apparently made several unusual statements to officers. Allegedly, Galloway told officers that Donald Trump was going to beat them up.

He was eventually transported to Cottage Hospital. There Galloway continued making unusual statements, apparently referring to the nursing staff at St. Mary’s Medical Center as instructing him that “Jesus was not the way.” He also implied that a doctor that was coming to check on him was going to give him a million dollars.

Galloway continued to not follow the instructions of medical personnel, and had to have both hands handcuffed to the railing of a hospital bed.

Eventually, officers transported him to the Knox County Jail. While on the way, Galloway made his final unusual statement, apparently telling officers that “You all believe in Satan. You all worship Satan. You all [are] driving me to Satan’s town.”

In addition to the charges faced – Galloway was cited with Reckless Driving, Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident, and Operating an Uninsured Vehicle.

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