17th District candidates weigh in on tax overhaul

Cheri Bustos, Bill Fawell and Mark Kleine are all vying to be Illinois’ 17th Congressional District’s Representative in Congress.

Since the passage of the Republican tax plan in December all three have made their feelings known on the $1.5 trillion plan.

Bustos says that she was open to tax-reform but only if it put middle class families first.

She says this plan doesn’t do that, as she laid out in a speech on the House floor days before the final House vote. She called it a tax scam that… “they know will raise taxes on millions of middle class families in order to give tax cuts to corporate special interests and billionaires.”

Bustos also decries a rise in the national debt that some analysis has shown it could be as much as $1.5 trillion.

Both Fawell and Kleine criticize Bustos for being concerned about the national debt, saying she wasn’t as concerned when a member of her own party was president.

Republican Fawell says that the U.S. has crossed into bankruptcy territory with more debt than GDP, so he proposes reorganizing and decentralizing all agencies of the Executive Branch.

Republican hopeful Kleine says a bi-partisan group has found 80 percent of Americans will receive some sort of tax cut under the bill.

Individuals, corporations and small businesses will all see cuts initially which Kleine says will “contribute great to our economy.”

He addressed many of the bills provisions expiring at the end of 2025, which could increase taxes on some, “and they’re saying ‘in ten years, everyone’s taxes are going to go up.’ Well that’s ten years from now. What’s going to take place over the next ten years? A significant boost to our economy and the only way that the taxes are going to go up in ten years is if the democrats are in control.”

Fawell says the plan is too generous to the “uber rich” but believes there is bipartisan support to curb that later.

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