205 approves 21st century learning upgrades, building improvement plans, hires new athletic director

The District 205 Board of Education discussed and approved a bid for furnishing upgrades for several classrooms and libraries at Lombard and Churchill Middle Schools, as well as for classrooms at the high school.

The new furnishings will create-what is known as-21st Century Collaborative Classrooms. These classrooms feature furniture that are more easily movable, and allow a teacher to rearrange their classroom to create a learning environment that can be more suitable based on the curriculum.

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations Jennifer Hamm told the board that federal funds were being used for the updates, “so we had written in a couple of our grants this year, Title 1 and REAP in particular, to start the process of putting these 21st Century Classrooms and collaborative spaces and to our buildings.”

The board had no objects and approved the bids unanimously.

The school board discussed and approved several construction plans around the district.

The first project approved unanimously was for some asphalt preservation at the high school parking lot.

Superintendent Dr. John Asplund informed the board that the projected cost of the work was $70,000 and a low bid came in at just under that. “The low bid came in at $66,000 and some odd dollars from a company out of Carol Stream Illinois who will be performing the work sometime – hopefully in the month of June.”

Asplund also detailed the purpose of the work, “this is to preserve the asphalt that was laid. If we had to redo the parking lot it would probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $650,000.”

According to Hamm, the winning bid went to American Road Maintenance totaling $66,981.15, which is about 14% less than projected.

The other project was roofing replacement at the district buildings at the Hawtorne Center. Dowers Roofing submitted a bid of almost $23,610 and was approved by the board with Maury Lyon voting against and Tianna Cervantez abstaining.

The board also hired a new athletic director at last night’s meeting. The hiring of current Activities Director for Farmington, Eric Matthews, was approved by the board to take over for the job left vacant by the resignation of Jeff Flater in April.

Matthews worked under Asplund in Farmington and was one of four candidates for the job.

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