Republican congressional candidate criticizes Bustos for not “preventing” drug addiction

Rep. Cheri Bustos’ opponent for Illinois’ 17th District Congressional seat is attacking her over a bill she introduced that passed the House of Representatives.The bill creates a special registration to allow doctors to meet and prescribe medicine for those who are or at risk of opioid addiction.

Republican candidate Bill Fawell calls the bill a “photo op.”

Citing conversations he’s had with Metropolitan Enforcement Group agents, he says meth is a much larger problem than opioids and heroin.

He doesn’t not cite specifically how he’s come to this conclusion.

Fawell goes on to say that drugs like marijuana, crystal meth and fetanyl are coming from Mexico.

His criticism of Bustos is that she avoids what he calls the most “effective treatment” which is a prevention program.

By that he means building a border wall and reforming the immigration system to stem the flow of drugs that he believes are coming across the border.

17th District voters will decided between Fawell and Bustos on Nov. 6 in the Congressional midterm elections.

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