Bustos hangs on to the 17th, Hammond returning to State House

U.S. Rep Cheri Bustos has won a 4th term as Congresswoman in the 17th District, representing Knox and other counties in the U.S. Congress.

Bustos became somewhat famous nationally for being one of the few Democrats to win in 2016 in a District that President Donald Trump carried.

She easily won re-election over Republican Bill Fawell on Tuesday night and was a part of helping Democrats take back the House.

Although the East Moline Democrat has served in the Chamber for 6 years, she’s never been a part of the majority party.

“My plan is to treat the other side of the aisle respectfully with dignity and look for every opportunity to work together,” Bustos tells WGIL. “That’s my goal whether we’re the minority or majority, so first and foremost I think we just have to get work done.”

Bustos had already announced her plans to run Assistant Democratic Leader in the House.

Republican Rep. Norine Hammond also claimed victory Tuesday night, over Democrat John Curtis in the race for 93rd District State Representative.

Small business owner and teacher, Curtis challenged Hammond in 2016 as well, although he cut his margin of defeat nearly in half.

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