County Board approves SmartWatt audit, more wind data towers

It was business, as usual, for the Knox County Board at their Wednesday night meeting.

An agreement for SmartWatt to do an investment grade audit was approved. This is another step towards work being done in every facility owned by the county, in an effort to lower energy bills.

Board member Jared Hawkinson emphasized that the audit is free for the county, “I know this was a concern at the committee meeting and a lot of the other board meetings, this does not cost the county a penny to do this audit.”

Work that SmartWatt provides will be paid for with utility bill savings the county sees through any upgrades made as a result of the audit.

In other approvals, two more wind data collection towers will be going up in rural Knox County.

The county board approved the two towers, one going in Walnut Grove Township while the other goes up in Lynn Township, as part of the county’s Wind Energy Ordinance.

Both towers will be operated by Orion Renewable Resources, and board member John Hunigan says that they’ll be up for two years.

“This is just a 60-meter tall meteorological tower. It’s going to be a wind-study. Which will be part of a two-year study to see if that area is suitable for a wind farm.”

A number of other actions were taken with little discussion.

The board also approved sending out bids requests for sewer and roof work at the Nursing Home.

Also approved was a resolution for changes in the Civil Clerk Fees at the Circuit Clerk’s office.

Additionally, the board approved a new telephone services agreement with Stratus Networks for the courthouse, sheriff’s department, jail, and annex. The new service will replace CenturyLink.

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