Fleming misses chance for recount, Hillery officially Aldermen-elect

The recount in Ward 3 is canceled.

Galesburg Alderman Russell Fleming has officially missed his chance to ask for a discovery recount of one of the three precincts in Ward 3.

That means Lindsay Hillery’s 3-vote lead over incumbent Fleming will stand and she will be seated on the City Council this coming Monday, along with Bradley Hix, Peter Schwartzman again, as well as Larry Cox.

The Galesburg Election Commission’s statement says that Fleming was provided a copy of the statue that explains the requirements for filing a recount request.

Hillery’s victory over Fleming was razor-tight but with a very low turnout.

Hillery and Fleming each won a precinct by about 10 votes, and then precinct 11 fell to the challenger by about 2 votes.