Sheriff’s Department releases statewide results from Scott’s Law Initiative.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department released results from the recently increased efforts for Scott’s Law – also known as the “Move Over Law” in Illinois. Earlier this month, the Illinois Sheriff’s Association announced a statewide Officer Safety and Scott’s Law Safety Initiative. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office as well as others around the state already acted prior to the initiation due to the importance and clear need to enhance traffic enforcement activities. The ISA received activity reports from 36 counties. Sheriff Deputies issued 441 Scott’s Law violations, 827 speeding violations, 289 for electronic devices, 10 felony arrests, 87 for suspended or revoked licenses, 13 DUI arrests, 14 drug arrests, 31 warrants, 3 stolen cars, and 425 other violations. A total of 1864 citations and 866 warnings were issued. The news release from the Knox County Sheriff’s Department said while this month was a focal point of many law enforcement agencies, this will continue to be at the forefront of our efforts.