West Theater demo moving along after series of snags

The West Theater is coming down, slowly but surely and while the city says they have confidence in the work contractors have done, there have been some unforeseen delays.

Planning Manager for the City, Steve Gugliotta detailed some of the reasons for the extended project timeline in an email to WGIL.

There have been occasional equipment issues, which the contractor has been quick to fix.

Also, once the wall between the theater and the Weinberg Arcade was uncovered, engineers requested the remaining portion be taken down by hand.

When they were first taking down the south building, working their way from the top, about half of the roof frame came crumbling down, which was not anticipated.

Given what happened, they decided to slow down on the north building so the same thing wouldn’t happen.

The unrelenting rainfall seen this past week has also not been helpful, according to Gugliotta.

Documents provided to the City Council at the time they approved the contractor’s bid for demolition, said the anticipated date to finish the project was initially April 1.

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