New Galesburg Council to consider playground equipment and loading zone elimination

Galesburg City Council will be adding a few new faces when they convene this evening.

Three new aldermen will be sworn in Bradley Hix, Lindsay Hillery, and Larry Cox.

Aldermen will get right to work, considering items like; eliminating a loading zone in front of Jimmy’s Pizza on East Tompkins St.

Council documents say that the previous building owner requests the loading zone back in 2004, but parking has been an issue in that area with several new and revitalized businesses.

Eliminating the yellow markings on the strip in front of the building would allow for more spaces.

Also, the Council will consider approving the purchase of playground equipment at Lombard Middle School.

The equipment will have a surface that is highly accessible to those with disabilities, along with a wheelchair swing and wheelchair rocker.

The challenge feature is said to be a first of its kind in Central Illinois.

Council documents say its a combination of something you would see on American Ninja Warrior or NFL training.

The total cost of the project would be about $354,000, with $200,000 of that being paid by the city, $82,000 from District 205 and $72,000 from a grant.