Public Service Request app helps residents streamline issues

A new app being used by the City of Galesburg is up and running, and if you using the technology seems daunting – you can learn more during some upcoming training sessions. The app, called Public Service Request, has been up for a couple of months now says City Clerk Kelli Bennewitz. “We worked on it internally obviously with city employees and internal staff for a while,” Bennewitz said. “We unveiled it just a few months ago. We’ve been working with council members too – kind of, getting them up to speed on it so they know what’s going on in their wards. This will be our second round of public training sessions/meetings on it.” With the app, residents can submit a work order request to the city via their cellphone. Since its launch, over 200 requests have been submitted. Bennewitz says this spring, many of the requests are lawns in need of mowing. Other popular submissions include potholes, broken sidewalks, damaged street signs, and terrace tree issues. Requests submitted require four key information categories: what the problem is, its location, any photos or videos, and any additional information. Users of the app remain anonymous – even if one chooses to submit their email address for updates. The next round of training sessions for the Public Service Request app begins Thursday, May 23rd at 6:00 pm at City hall.