County Board approves new court fee schedules, engineering agreement

Knox County Board members approved a new resolution for criminal fees and the schedule for civil fees at Wednesday night’s meeting.

These changes are model the county’s fee schedules to match that of the state. Last month the board voted on the changes for the fees for civil actions, this month the board voted on the schedules for the different classifications.

Finance Committee Chair David Amor said that the new criminal and traffic court fee resolution would repeal all previous fees and replace them with fees that model the state legislation.

“The resolution repeals all of our previous resolutions regarding the handling of fees from criminal and traffic court cases and replaces them with a resolution creating a series of funds, both local and state-wide,” Amor told the board, “which will receive a portion of those fees laid down by state legislation that was adopted earlier this year.”

Some funds that weren’t specifically identified by state legislation were worked on by the 9th Judicial Circuit. They include CASA, Teen Court, Drug Court, and Court Security.

In other action, some roof and sewer work could be coming to the Knox County Nursing Home in the near future.

Board members approved an engineering service agreement with Klingner and Associates at their meeting.

Tara Wilder, Nursing Home Committee Chair, told the board members the range of the work that Klingner would be working on.

“We are fixing the roof and there [are] also some pipes that need to be fixed on one of the wings at the Nursing home. Klingner is going to make the bid materials to send out to the contractors so that we can move forward with bidding out for these projects.”

Klingner would be compensated for their work to the tune of $7,000. $4,500 for the sewer work. $2,500 for the roof work. Klingner would be doing the engineering and preparing the bid documents.

Additionally, the board approved a bid and bring back for weather protection for the courthouse HVAC system and for climate control updates at the Mary Davis Home storage facility.

The board also approved the appointments of Jef Jefferson to the Knoxville Fire Protection District and Debra Goodwin to the Knox County Mental Health 708 Board.

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