Monmouth man caught in online sex predator operation

58-year-old Walter Eugene Kemplin of Monmouth faces charges of indecent solicitation of a child after he was caught in an Indiana county’s Internet predator operation.

Monmouth Police say they were contacted by a deputy with the Jay County Sheriff’s Department in Portland, Indiana on April 19.

The deputy said that a Walter Kemplin, who goes by Gene, contacted their decoy Facebook profile of a 13-year old girl named Brittany.

They provided MPD with the Facebook chat log in which showed Kemplin initiating the conversation, and making sexual comments.

Kemplin compliments the girl’s body, asks for naked pictures, asks her to meet up and expresses a desire to have sex with her.

The second question Kemplin asks the decoy was “how old are you” to which, the decoy replied 13.

Kemplin was arrested on May 15 at his home without incident.

He agreed to be interviewed by police on video and audio, without a lawyer present, admitting to messaging Brittany, asking for nude photos while knowing she was 13.

He also said he’s chatted online with several underage girls before, but denied having any child pornography on his phone.

Police were able to identify Kemplin, because the decoy coaxed him into sending a picture of himself, giving his phone number and saying he was from Monmouth, Illinois.

Kemplin will be in Warren County Court on June 4 for both a preliminary and bond reduction hearing on the Class 3 felony charge.