Get Buckled Up This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day brings lots of travel and the increased awareness of being safe on roadways. The Illinois Department of Transportation and police around the state are stepping up enforcement efforts to get people buckled up when they are in the car.  The “Boarder to Boarder” seatbelt campaign is underway now through the Memorial Day holiday. Law enforcement will be out looking for passengers not buckled up.
IDOT’s Guy Tridgell, “We’re really entering that period when we see increases in crashes and injuries and fatalities….this is a way that we’re trying to get out in front of it by reminding folks that the best line of defense for anyone involved in a motor vehicle crash is to buckle up their seat belt. It takes just a couple seconds but it could mean the difference between life and death.” The Memorial Day weekend can be deadly for some behind the wheel. Tridgell says about a dozen lives are lost each year over this weekend in traffic accidents.