Stark County school employees being fired after student disciplinary incident

The Stark County School District says two employees acted improperly in putting a bucket over a student’s head in order to solve a disciplinary issue.

The District — whose superintendent is former Galesburg principal Nick Sutton — says the two employees are off the job pending a required formal vote by the Stark County School Board to terminate them.

District officials say on Monday, a school bus driver and a bus aide put a five-gallon bucket over a student’s head, quote, “in order to address a behavior concern.” An investigation they say immediately commenced, and that a school employee was able to verify the seriousness of the allegation.

The School District says it made copies of the report available to local law enforcement and the Department of Children and Family Services. The identities of the employees were not immediately revealed, so it’s not clear who was involved.

District 100 says it doesn’t condone the actions of the employees, and that safety is the district’s top priority.

The student in question was not believed to be injured.

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