City wants to pay judgment owed by ousted former HR Manager

The City of Galesburg says it intends to pay the judgment reached in a federal lawsuit involving a city employee and the city’s now-former Human Resources manager.

The Galesburg City Council will, at its meeting Monday night, consider paying the $100,000 settlement to Lisa Wilson that is owed by David Jones after a federal trial ending in February.

The suit was filed by Wilson in 2016 and originally listed both Jones and the City as defendants, before the city was removed. Jones allegedly tried to force Wilson to take a drug test, and the suit claimed it was race-based. The federal court agreed.

The city says in a news release that Jones has so far not paid the judgment, and City Manager Todd Thompson says in the release that it’s in the city’s best interest to do so, calling the decision, “intentional.”

Wilson says in the same release that she appreciates the city stepping forward and that “this decision leaves me hopeful that there will be long-term positive outcomes from this case.”

Wilson is a secretary in the city’s Handivan division.

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