Cameron Fireworks facing organizational shift, anticipating firework price increase

The long-running Fourth of July fireworks display in the Warren County village of Cameron may be in doubt after this year.

Longtime Cameron firefighter and the one who shoots off the show, Allen Otten says there are now about three Cameron Firefighters that still live in the village.

Cameron Fire is officially who has run the fireworks, although Otten has been a spearhead of it from the start.

There’s another Cameron station, that’s technically in Monmouth with Otten saying it’s set up that way to have crews and equipment spread throughout Warren County, reducing residents’ homeowner’s insurance.

But those Cameron Firefighters living in Monmouth don’t want Cameron Fire doing fireworks anymore.

Otten says with community support he’s willing to go forward and essentially keep the show as it is, but that will take jumping through some hoops.

For example, fireworks displays run by fire departments are exempt from being required to have a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

However, a bigger issue for next year’s show may be the looming price increase that industry experts anticipate for fireworks.

About 95 percent of fireworks blown up in America are produced in China, and fireworks are among a list of $300 billion in Chinese goods targeted for 25 percent tariffs.

Otten says a committee will be formed to see what the village people want to do, whether it pays up more or see a smaller show.

Otten tells WGIL there are two things you don’t want to mess with; explosives and other people’s money.

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