Historic train car coming through Galesburg on excursion

Interested parties can ride a 1956 railroad passenger car this fall that will transport riders back to a bygone era.

The Hollywood Beach railroad passenger car, the first of these excursions will be on will be traveling from Chicago to Kansas City on Sunday, September 15, with a stop in Galesburg.

The Midwest Rail Rangers are a non-profit that provides educational onboard rail excursions like this one, and also provide guides that will be on board for most of the journey. They call the Hollywood Beach car “perfect for enjoying the picturesque Midwest countryside in the late summer.”

Guides will provide interesting stories about trackside towns the train is passing through.

The Hollywood Beach car itself is one of three Sun Lounge cars built in 1956 for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad.

It was constructed with five double bedroom sleeping car rooms and a lounge made for First Class passengers aboard the railroad’s “Silver Meteor” line that operated between New York City and Miami.

A-listers use to ride the car down the east coast, as it would regularly make trips from “the big apple” and Miami.

For information or to make reservations call Keith White at (708) 446-1269.

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