County Board to consider consolidating county recorder office

Knox County Board members could decide to consolidate the county’s Recorder Office at tonight’s meeting.

Illinois statute allows elected County Clerks to serve as the County Recorder when the population of the county is less than 60,000.

Knox County showed a population of 52,919 in the 2010 census and with the state seeing a decline in citizens over the last decade, it’s safe to assume Knox County hasn’t seen a population bump.

The resolution indicates that the County Recorder will continue to serve in the position until the elected term is completed in December of 2020.

That’s when the current recorder, Carol Hallam’s term expires.

At that time, the newly elected County Clerk will then take control of the County Recorder’s duties.

The Knox County Public Defender could see a pay bump tonight as well.

Board documents indicate that state statute dictates that the public defender is paid at least 90-percent of the State’s Attorney salary.

With the July first pay two-point-one percent pay raise, the public defender will see an increase as well, boosting their yearly pay to $156,370.29.

The county board will also be considering several vehicle purchases at tonight’s meeting.

The sheriff’s department could be getting a 2016 Chevrolet truck while a maintenance truck and plow could also be approved by the board.

In addition, the board could spend $440,000 to complete the certified rebuild the county landfill’s compactor.

The board meets at 6:00 at the Galesburg City Council Chambers.