GPD investigating two “shots fired” calls from the weekend

No injuries and no arrests were reported related to two separate “shots fired” calls from the weekend.

On Sunday at around 3:43 a.m., Galesburg Police officers were dispatched to Maple Avenue and Grove Street in reference to multiple shots-fired calls. Dispatch advised that several individuals had shot at each other before fleeing in different directions.

According to the report, multiple witnesses were interviewed. Some witnesses stated they had been at a party in the 400-block of Maple when they heard several loud “pops” and heard people begin to yell for everyone to leave out of fear of being injured.

Some witnesses advised they were woken up by several shots followed by a pause and several more shots. The report indicates that one witness claimed to have seen approximately 50 people in the roadway, running from the scene.

A vehicle was found with a smashed window and bullet holes in the passenger side of the vehicle. No damage was observed to other vehicles. Additionally, no blood was found and no injuries to any individuals were reported.

The other incident reported on Monday at around 12:12 a.m., officers responded to Monmouth Boulevard and West Brooks Street for a “shots fired” call. Officers were advised that the caller saw someone shoot a single shot and heard several more shots.

The report says that several calls came in and one caller advised, “they heard someone say they were going to kill another person.”

A single shell casing was located in the 600-block of West Brooks.

No obvious property damage was seen, according to the report.