Monmouth Council approves road construction bid, discusses sidewalk cafe ordinance changes

The City of Monmouth will be getting several city roads resurfaced after aldermen approved the lowest bid on Monday.

City Manager Lew Steinbrecher tells WGIL that the low bid to Brand Construction was $955,1873.50 — $205,187.50 over what was budgeted for the project.

He says that the understanding between the city and Brandt was for them to scale back the project to fall within the city’s budget.

“We will then formalize that and that will be brought back to the city council for a change order that will lower that contract to about $790,000. That fits in our budget. ”

Instead of re-bidding the project and delaying the start to the construction, Steinbrecher says this route allows the city to get the project started on time and within budget.

Roads are expected to go under construction starting in September.

The council also approved a resolution to use $100,000 dollars in motor fuel tax funds to help meet the project total for this year’s street improvement program.

Aldermen and Administrators for the city also discussed expanding their sidewalk cafe ordinance.

Currently, the city requires restaurant’s that prepare, cook and serve at least 50 percent of their revenue from the sale of food to utilize outdoor seating on the sidewalk in front of their business within a fenced-in area.

Maple City Aldermen discussed allowing businesses that do not meet the food sales threshold of at least 50 percent to allow these “lounges” to operate outdoors during the day.

“A lounge being an establishment whose food sales constitute less than 50 percent. They could have a sidewalk cafe but it could only be open between the hours of [noon and 7:00 p.m.]”

Steinbrecher says that Market Alley Wines was the business that approached the administration about operating a sidewalk cafe.

Administrators are considering changes that the council discussed Monday night and will bring back a resolution in the future.

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