Cook County public defender blasts new guns crimes website

CHICAGO (AP) – Chicago’s police superintendent is rejecting a public defender’s argument that a new department website that provides adult gun-related criminal charges intrudes on defendants’ privacy and should be shut down.

The Chicago Police Department’s “Gun Offenders Dashboard” unveiled Monday will track felony gun cases through the county court system and whether those accused of gun offenses were able to post bail.

Amy Campanelli said Wednesday the website “is another example of police using a list of people who are presumed innocent as a red herring.” She contends the real issue is the failure by police to arrest individuals who are shooters and wreak havoc in Chicago.

In a letter to Campanelli released Thursday, Superintendent Eddie Johnson noted communities afraid to allow children out to play because of fears of gun violence.

In his letter, he said the website is the police department’s effort to increase public access to court records and criminal proceedings. Johnson has long blamed Chicago’s continuing violence on gun offenders who quickly bond out.

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