Coleman suit against City gets 2021 trial date

Steven Coleman’s lawsuit against the City of Galesburg now has a trial date, along with a schedule for discovery.
Coleman’s suit claims that officers violated his 4th Amendment rights to be free from unreasonable searches and excessive force, related to a June 2018 incident.

Four Galesburg officers entered the Chamber St. establishment that Coleman had been operating as Uptown Bar and Grill, although not at that time.

Surveillance video appears to show Coleman confronting an officer who was speaking with his daughter, when two officers pushed him against a pool table, subsequently deploying a taser.

The suit names the city and Officers Allison Buccalo, Jared Tapscott, Jake Thompson and Jake Medhurst as defendants.

The suit also asserts that Galesburg Police singled out Coleman unfairly while he ran Uptown Bar, in the form of numerous ordinance violations.
The next step in the suit’s proceedings will be a September 15 deadline for initial disclosures, and then any amendment in the pleadings or joining of parties on November 29.

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