Skimmer found at Galesburg gas station

Galesburg police have recovered a “skimmer” device from a Galesburg gas station.

According to the police report, officers were called out to Beck’s Express at 1581 East Main Street at around 5:12 Tuesday evening where a manager had discovered the device.

The report indicates that the manager had become suspicious of the device after several customers had complained of the buttons sticking when entering pins at the register.

She said that a manager from the Monmouth Beck’s Express had told her about a “skimming” device they found on one of the register keypads with sticking buttons.

The device was described as looking identical to the original device and sat on top of it like a cover.

The manager told police that she was unsure of how long it had been there but told officers that customers have complained about the sticky buttons for a week.

It is noted in the report that officers checked other gas stations in the area and did not locate any other skimmers.

In March, the area was struck by a string of fraudulent transactions in the Chicago area related to a “skimming” incident. However, no device was ever recovered in that incident.

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