Blues guitar heroes playing Fat Fish Monday

Two seasoned axe slingers will be at the Fat Fish Pub this Monday night.

Albert Castiglia is returning to Galesburg with his unique blend of country/blues/rock guitar, and this time he’s bringing another musician in that vain, Hadden Sayers.

Texas-native Sayers says a current of blues and soul music runs through everything he plays.

He’s garnered some high praise from the likes of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons who was quoted as saying, “Hadden is pretty much my hero”, and the Austin Chronicle calling him Houston’s overall best rock guitarist.

Sayers says there’s an undercurrent of Louisiana country/blues musicians that have flowed into the Gulf region of Texas. that makes up what many call the Texas blues.

“And, I think that’s where my fascination with blending genres came from is because that’s how we view this music,” Sayers tells WGIL. “It just gets blended together and if you want to call it blues because you heard a BB King lick in the middle of ‘Unsatisfied,’ that’s fine with us.”

Sayers will be doing a solo acoustic set Monday and telling stories about his earlier days and his musical evolution.

That will be followed by Albert Castiglia’s electric set before Sayers joins the band to jam through the end of the show.

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