Investigators called to scene of apartment fire

The cause of a Monday night apartment fire in Galesburg in being investigated.

Officers were dispatched to 644 Home Boulevard Sandburg Village Apartments at around 9:44 for what was reported as a structure fire.

Dispatch advised that it was actually a carpet outside of the front door of an apartment that was on fire.

Once on scene officers discovered the fire had already been extinguished.

A strong odor of lighter fluid was detected throughout the entire second floor.

A neighbor of the apartment told police she smelled what she thought was a barbeque coming from outside. When she exited her apartment, she saw the floor in front of the apartment on fire.

She said she was able to get the residents of that apartment out and then called 911. She advised she did not see how the fire was started.

Reports indicate officers were unable to determine if it was an act of arson or not. Galesburg Fire Department personnel were called to the scene to investigate and collect evidence.

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